Latest Amendments to Russian Migration Law

Eugene Isaev

Latest Amendments to Russian Migration Law

24.03.2011 0 Comments

According to the amendments to immigration law, which came into effect in mid-February 2011, companies employing foreign nationals could no longer register their foreign employees at the company’s address. The owners of the apartments in which foreign employees actually reside are now responsible for such registration. These amendments have caused considerable difficulties for employers to register their foreign employees in Russia. They have also sparked protests and discontent among the business community.

On March 16, 2011 the Federation Council approved the State Duma’s bill that reinstated the obligation to register foreign nationals working in Russia to employers, allowing them to register their foreign employees at the employer’s address.

This bill has also extended the period for registration of foreign nationals up to 7 days from the date of entry into Russia. This means that in actual fact a foreign national does not need to be registered if he/she stays in Russia fewer than 7 days.

Foreign nationals will no longer be responsible if they are not registered as only the person/company (including employers) inviting foreigners to Russia are now responsible for registering foreign nationals.

Once the President signs the bill, these amendments will take effect 25th of March 2011.


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