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The New Russian Tax Law and Its Development over the Years

19.09.2016 0 Comments

Since 1998 the main laws governing taxation have been codified in the two parts that make up the Tax Code. Tax Code Part I was…

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oil scenarios in russia

Oil Scenarios and Economic Development Outlook for Russia

27.04.2016 0 Comments

Oil accounts for some 13% of Russia’s GDP and a considerable larger share of its exports. There are many predictions of how oil prices will…

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Choosing the Right Company Structure for Your Business in Russia

11.04.2016 0 Comments

When entering the Russian market to do business, one of the first questions investors are faced with is the type of legal structure that makes…

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Practical Aspects of Living and Working in Russia

04.03.2016 1 Comment

Russia is a great place to live and work, and we would like to give you some practical advice as to how to make it…

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Doing Business in Russia; a Snapshot of Logistics Services

16.02.2016 0 Comments

Two recent blog posts have presented an overview of the logistics environment in Russia with more detailed information on the efficiency of transport infrastructure and…

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