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The Scientific Essence of Economy — Capitalism and Socialism versus a Democratic Competitive Market Economy

31.08.2016 1 Comment

All economies are competitive market economies The purpose of this essay is to define what should properly be understood as ‘economy’ in the sense of…

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Putin the Pontiff – Bridge Maker

05.05.2016 1 Comment

The word pontiff derives from the Latin pontifex, which in itself is the combination of pons for bridge and fex (facere) meaning to make. Probably…

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Russia’s Reliance on Imports Has Dramatically Decreased as Its Diversified Economy Has Substituted Most Imports

28.04.2016 3 Comments

The Russian Central Bank is guided (among other considerations) in its inflation expectations by statistics produced by Rosstat (Russia’s governmental statistics agency) concerning the size…

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Russia Still World’s Sixth Largest Economy

14.04.2016 Russian economy 1 Comment

Fresh data from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) shows that Russia has retained its place among the World’s largest economies. In the 2015 ranking, it…

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Share of Oil and Gas in Russia’s Tax Revenue Dropped to 21%, but the Threatened Devastation Failed to Materialize

27.03.2016 1 Comment

We were being hammered with the message that Russia is nothing more “than a gas station masquerading as a country”. Russia’s economy was supposed to…

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