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The Hidden Story of Crimea’s Economic Success

23.03.2016 4 Comments

Recently Crimea celebrated the 2nd anniversary of its reunification with Russia, marked on the day of the referendum that ended the Ukrainian occupation. Much has…

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Russian Economy – The disease is not Dutch but Liberal

02.03.2016 Russian economy 0 Comments

There has lately again been a slew of articles in the Western business press denigrating Russia’s efforts to develop its industry condemning the drive for…

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Absurd Central Bank policies deepen Russia’s recession

19.02.2016 4 Comments

The policy of the Russian Central Bank of maintaining the punitively high key lending rate is truly mind-boggling. First, they declared that they do it…

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Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent – Or, the topics that disappeared from the anti-Russian narrative

10.02.2016 3 Comments

One of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s most famous philosophical aphorisms is “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent”. Now, this is a saying that accurately…

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German Gref is So Wrong on Russian Economy

15.01.2016 Russian economy 6 Comments

German Gref is So Wrong on Russian Economy The CEO of Russia’s biggest bank, the state owned Sberbank, German Gref delivered a scathing criticism of…

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