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Study on Russian economy. Diversfication, Modernization and the Role of the State in Russia’s economy

09.12.2014 economic studies, Russian economy 2 Comments

Awara Group study shows Russia’s economy resilient in the backdrop of sanctions Awara Group releases study on Russian economy: Putin 2000 – 2014, Midterm Interim…

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Holidays, Weekly Breaks and Vacations (Chapters 11-12)

05.12.2014 0 Comments

These are installments in Labor Guide in Russia by Jon Hellevig, Artem Usov, Anton Kabakov and Ivan Katyshev. Chapter 11. Holidays and Weekly Break Sundays…

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Awara Group Research on the Effects of Putin’s Tax Reforms 2000-2012 on State Tax Revenue and GDP

04.12.2014 economic studies, Russian economy 0 Comments

This research represents the Introduction chapter of the Awara Russian Tax Guide book:   The taxation system, or rather the lack of a transparent, predictable…

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Awara Global Survey on Total Payroll Taxes 2014

04.12.2014 economic studies 0 Comments

What we wanted to find out? — Of all the money that goes towards salaries and wages what portion is actually received in hand by…

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Analysis of the obligation of employers regarding current wage indexation

28.11.2014 0 Comments

Labor legislation, taking into account the clarification of the Constitutional Court of Russia, establishes the obligation of employers to index wages of workers1. This obligation…

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