Most popular professions in Moscow and St Petersburg by Yandex.Rabota findings


Most popular professions in Moscow and St Petersburg by Yandex.Rabota findings

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In September, experts of the service Yandeks.Rabota published a study that showed the most popular professions in Moscow and St. Petersburg, allocating them by metro stations on the basis of data from vacancies. For greater objectivity of the research job recruitment agencies were excluded. As a result, the sample of researchers included more than 100,000 jobs in Moscow and about 47,000 jobs in St. Petersburg.

In Moscow, the greatest demand for workers was discovered to be in companies located near the metro station Paveletskaya (1415 vacancies); in St. Petersburg – at the station Ladozhskaya with 1294 job offers. The list of top 10 stations with the largest number of open positions is as follows:

St Petersburg

In the allocation of spheres of activity in Moscow and St. Petersburg, there are similar trends: in the center the specialists most in demand are for the restaurant and hotel business (cooks, waiters, bartenders, confectioners and hostesses); a little further from the center most companies require IT professionals, builders and sales managers in these industries; outside the “ring” in Moscow, and closer to the outskirts of St. Petersburg, there is increased demand for manufacturing professionals and sales workers.

Diagrams that show how job offers are distributed throughout the city can be found on the Yandex site here (for Moscow) and here (for St. Petersburg). Below we present you an infographic based on the findings of the Yandex study.

open vacancies in moscow and st petersburg


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