Top Notch Resume Ideas


Top Notch Resume Ideas

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Following our latest blog entry Most Extraordinary Job Search Tactics let’s now focus on the most popular job hunting method: resume application. However, the candidates we would like to tell you about didn’t just send recruiters a typical-format CV on a white sheet of paper but went far beyond than that to seize employer’s attention.

1. Resume hidden behind a QR-code

Our first example needs no commentary; just appreciate the creativity of its author in this video

2. Facebook-inspired resume

“How brilliant is this?” wrote Steve Pratt, Director of CBC Radio 3, in his blog after receiving Sabrina Saccoccio’s resume. “We got so used to the way information is presented in Facebook that Sabrina decided to take the same approach to her CV.” At that time, Steve could not offer Sabrina a position in the company, but nevertheless posted her resume on his blog hoping that someone else would want to offer her a job.

3. Not just a resume, but a whole board on Pinterest

Social networks capabilities can go beyond than that. For example, Jeanne Hwang really wanted to get a job at Pinterest and created the world’s first resume using this platform, making it look like a thematic “board” – a collection of posts, demonstrating her skills, experience and motivation. Pinterest did not offer Jeanne a job, but she got noticed by a Pinterest analytics company called Pintics, which appreciated her unconventional approach.

4. Vintage for Pixar

Trying to get his dream job at Pixar artist Brian Moose decided to stand out among other candidates for a position in the company. He sent recruiters a vintage style package, which contained a sketchbook with illustrations and notes about his professional experience and skills. 

5. Turn your resume into Google Maps

Ed Hamilton made his resume using the service for creating your own maps on Google Maps. Ed marked the places where he lived and worked with the help of colored pins and added to them a detailed description of his professional qualities.

6. Resume box

Irish artist and illustrator Colm O’Connor took a very “outside the box” approach to resume creation and decided that a simple sheet of paper wasn’t enough. Colm printed his resume on a flat-pack cardboard box, making it look like a parcel. The recipient was suggested visiting his portfolio web site, which presented examples of his design projects. Despite the fact that he didn’t receive a job offer, Colm became really famous on London career portal FutureRising and attracted a lot of attention from other employers.

7. Why write a resume if you can sew it?

Melissa Washing took an extraordinary approach to her job search and embroidered her resume on fabric. The effect was tremendous – she got a job immediately after college graduation at the first company she applied. The embroidery itself became so popular that Melissa has even created an entire instruction guide for those wishing to create a similar resume.

8. ResumeBar

Nick Begley placed his resume on the wrapper of chocolate bar with a tagline: “Credentials that will satisfy any organization’s appetite”. The nutrition facts on the back feature 100% of leadership skills, creativity and motivation and the ingredients list include all Nick’s professional skills. As a result, a simple chocolate bar in the custom-printed wrapper helped him to get hired by Sportsvite.

9. Resume “found” on Google

Eric Gandhi created a resume that fully replicated the layout and design of Google search results page. Eric managed to draw the attention of the corporation and was even offered a job in the marketing department, which he however turned down in favor of the position of designer at Weather Channel.

10. Resume game

Marius Fietzek wanted to become a part of game developers team Double Fine and turned his resume into an adventure game to impress them. His efforts were not in vain – Marius was offered an internship at the company. You can play his game yourself at this link.

To avoid dragging out this article, we suggest you have a look at the rest of the creative examples in the gallery below.


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