A corporate culture of self-discipline

25.07.2012 0 Comments

It is no surprise that the great companies of the world usually have the most effective corporate cultures. Less obvious, perhaps, is what makes their…

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Personal Data Protection in Russia. Risks with Collecting and Processing Personal Data

23.07.2012 personal data 0 Comments

Many activities require the processing of information about individuals and legal entities: security (background checks), due diligence on people, database creation, promotion of goods and…

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Personal Data Protection in Ukraine

20.07.2012 personal data 0 Comments

It has been more than a year now since the personal data protection law took effect in Ukraine. Another related law took effect on July…

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What corporate culture is and why it matters

14.07.2012 corporate culture in Russia 0 Comments

At the end of the analysis a company is a collection of people working together. What their work results in depends on the way they…

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Awara Purchase Manager for Controllers

07.07.2012 it solutions 0 Comments

Do you really know where the money goes? This post is intended especially for telling what Awara Purchase Manager can do for the company controller…

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