Privacy policy

Confidentiality and security of personal data of users of Awara sites is one of the main priorities of our work, so we are committed to protecting the information collected in accordance with current legislation. By continuing to use the Website you thereby agree to these rules of confidentiality. To access the content of the site you are not required to register or enter any personal information. Such personal details as your name, organization, phone number, and e-mail address are collected and used only in the event you voluntarily send this data via e-mail messages to obtain background information regarding the services and publications of Awara and to contact our specialists. Contact information you send can also be used to send you informational and promotional materials. We always reserve for you the right to refuse to receive mailings and to request removal of your personal data from our database.

IP addresses

Every computer connected to the Internet is assigned a unique number, which is used for recognition and exchange of information between computers and servers. In order to ensure information security and diagnostic work, IP addresses of visitors of the site can be taken into account when collecting information about users.


To improve our website we use cookies, small files that are stored in your Internet browser. Using these files is a common practice at the moment that allows site owners to get the necessary information about the behavior of users. By themselves, cookies do not tell us any personal information about you – we use them to collect statistics to know which pages of our site are most interesting to users, as well as to evaluate the efficiency of our advertising campaigns. You can prohibit or restrict the use of cookies on your computer by changing the settings of your Internet browser. More information about cookie files can be found at

Social networks, blogs, forums, news portals, and other third-party resources

For the convenience of users, we may post links to third party companies and organizations; also there is the possibility for users to share any Awara publications in social networks and other resources. Awara is not responsible for the safety and security of the information specified by you when you use these resources controlled by a third party.


On this site users have the opportunity to subscribe to blog updates. To do this you need to enter your email address, which will be saved in our system, and you will be notified about new publications of the website. At any time you can opt out of this service, and your email address will be removed from our database.

Commenting on Content

To comment on content on this site you will need to indicate your name and email address, which will be stored in the system and will be used as an identifier when commenting further. There is also a second option for commenting – login using social networks. By using this service, you agree to allow the site to view and save general data of your profile in the social network (your avatar, name listed in the profile) and links to the profile. We do not require specifying your real name and a valid e-mail address in the comments, preserving a user’s right to anonymity. However, at any time you can contact us and request removal of the data you entered from our system.

Please note the fact that the transfer of data carried out as a result of comments and subscribing to blog updates is a purely voluntary action on your part.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Awara reserves the right to change this privacy policy without notice.

If you have any questions about privacy on our site, please contact us at: