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Practical Aspects of Living and Working in Russia

04.03.2016 1 Comment

Russia is a great place to live and work, and we would like to give you some practical advice as to how to make it…

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Russian Economy – The disease is not Dutch but Liberal

02.03.2016 Russian economy 0 Comments

There has lately again been a slew of articles in the Western business press denigrating Russia’s efforts to develop its industry condemning the drive for…

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Absurd Central Bank policies deepen Russia’s recession

19.02.2016 4 Comments

The policy of the Russian Central Bank of maintaining the punitively high key lending rate is truly mind-boggling. First, they declared that they do it…

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Recycling Charge on Self-Propelled Vehicles and Their Trailers

19.02.2016 0 Comments

The recycling charge, previously levied only for wheeled vehicles (chassis)[1], was extended to self-propelled vehicles and their trailers at the end of December 2015 under…

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Significant Changes to Thin Capitalization Rules

19.02.2016 0 Comments

Thin capitalization rules as set forth in Article 269 of the Russian Tax Code were significantly amended on February 15, 2016. The introduced changes affect,…

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