The Worldwide Market Interest in Electronic Devices Based on Google Trends

31.08.2014 0 Comments

  How does Russian market of electronic devices differ from markets of other countries? What are the future trends in this sphere? Can Google help…

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Kazakhstan Payroll Taxes and Costs 2013

01.10.2013 0 Comments

Despite an increase in the number of the economically active population and a gradual decline in the unemployment rate, highly qualified personnel are still sought…

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Focus on: the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

24.06.2013 0 Comments

This text has been produced by our TELFA partner firm in Luxembourg, Tabery & Wauthier The protocol to the Russia-Luxembourg double tax treaty has been…

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Putin Spectacularly Warned Already in 2002 That Russian Offshore Funds Risked Being Expropriated

14.04.2013 0 Comments

It has emerged that Russian President Vladimir Putin already 19 June 2002 in a televised meeting with leading Russian businessmen warned that there was a…

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Depardieu – Tax Exile or Love for Russia?

06.01.2013 0 Comments

Putin’s granting of citizenship to French actor Gerard Depardieu has unleashed heaps of speculation about the actor’s motives for doing so. Most commentators claim that…

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